Monday, April 25, 2011

Bright Inspiration

One day not long ago, my daughter and I were looking for crochet patterns and happened upon some incredible blogs, some of which I intend to share once I figure out how to do this blog thing. I'm hooked! I saw beautiful creations and photography and have been anxious to set up my own blog ever here goes! My first picture is a result of a blog by Attic 24 (I will link to it when I figure out how). She has amazing projects, most of which include instructions......yesssssss! And she even includes pictures with her directions.....happy dance! I went out right away and bought a bunch of bright colored yarn and started making hexagons. Unsure of what to actually do with them once completed, I just kept making them until the idea of a table runner popped into my head. Then I had to find colorful goodies to go with it, and the rest is history!

1 comment:

  1. I REALLY like your blog! and the table runner!! I want the pattern for that!! LOVE IT!! :D Looking forward to you posting crotchet patterns! This is the year that I need to work on crotchet for our grandkids! :D Thank you Mel!!